Computational Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and systems, artificial neural network, evolutionary computation, probabilistic theory, nature inspired algorithms and models, optimization through evolutionary computation

Fuzzy Systems

Identification, control, predictive control, decision trees, clustering, objective functions, linguistic summaries, multi-criteria feature selection, decision making, fingerprints, evolving fuzzy models.

Evolutionary Algorithms

Ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, cockroach swarm optimization, genetic algorithms.

Data Analysis

Extraction, transformation, loading, data visualization, feature selection, predictive modeling, clustering, machine learning, statistical learning

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Intensive care, emergency room, readmissions, mortality, vasopressors administration, compromised left ventricular ejection fraction, acute kidney injury, sepsis, unnecessary lab testing, success of bariatric surgery, comanagement signaling.


Linear programming, mixed integer linear programming, non-linear optimization with metaheuristics, job-shop scheduling, supply-chain optimization, cutting and packing problems, vehicle routing