Many-objective optimization of a three-echelon supply chain: A case study in the pharmaceutical industry

Many-objective optimization applied to the joint problem of inventory management and restocking policy. A case study on a pharmaceutical company is presented.


Air pressure forecasting for the Mutriku oscillating-water-column wave power plant: Review and case study

JM Silva, SM Vieira, D Valério, JCC Henriques, PD Sclavounos
on IET Renewable Power Generation

Keywords: | Wave energy | Oscillating water column | Pressure forecasting | Support vector machines | Biradial turbine | Mutriku power plant |

September 23, 2021

A Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) algorithm was developed to predict the air chamber pressure and compare it to the real signal. Regressive linear algorithms were executed for reference. The experimental data was obtained at the Mutriku wave power plant in the Basque Country, Spain.


Coordinating shiftable loads for collective photovoltaic self-consumption: A multi-agent approach

G Pontes Luz, MC Brito, JMC Sousa, SM Vieira
on Energy

Keywords: | Collective self consumption | Demand side management | Multi agent systems | Distributed optimization |

April 24, 2021

The problem of scheduling uninterruptible shiftable devices is addressed from a multiagent perspective considering two different approaches. On one hand, a centralized architecture assumes that a single agent has the capacity to solve all agents problems. On the other, a new partially decentralized architecture is proposed to solve the same problem by distributing decision-making among agents using an heuristic algorithm with a virtual dynamic tariff as coordination mechanism.


Internal Supply Chain Digital Twin of a Pharmaceutical Company

JAM Santos, MR Lopes, JL Viegas, SM Vieira, JMC Sousa
on IFAC-PapersOnLine

Keywords: | Digital twin | Internal supply chain | Operations research | Simulation based rough cut capacity planning | Pharmaceutical supply chain |

January 7, 2020

Digital Twin of the supply chain of a pharmaceutical company, delivered as a graphical interface with data visualization and Monte Carlo simulation.


A Middleware Platform for Intelligent Automation: An Industrial Prototype Implementation

T Coito, MSE Martins, JL Viegas, B Firme, J Figueiredo, SM Vieira, JMC Sousa
on Computers in Industry

Keywords: | Intelligent automation | Interoperability | Middleware | Fog computing | Data preparation | Industry 4.0 |

January 1, 2020

This paper contributes to industrial frameworks focused on the development of standardized system architectures for Industry 4.0, closing the gap between generic architectures and physical realizations. It proposes a platform for intelligent automation relying on a gateway or middleware between field devices, enterprise databases, and DSSs in real-time scenarios


A Novel Framework for Intelligent Automation

T Coito, JL Viegas, MSE Martins, MM Cunha, J Figueiredo, SM Vieira, JMC Sousa
on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control

Keywords: | Intelligent automation | Scada | Manufacturing execution systems | Industry 4.0 |

January 1, 2019

This paper proposes a framework for intelligent automation to deal with current challenges in acquisition and management of data in industrial settings.


Dual Resource Constrained Scheduling for Quality Control Laboratories

MM Cunha, JL Viegas, MSE Martins, T Coito, A Costigliola, J Figueiredo, JMC Sousa, SM Vieira
on Manufacturing Modelling, Management and Control

Keywords: | Scheduling | Dual resource constrained | Quality control | Flexible job shop | Mixed interger linear programming |

January 1, 2019

This work presents a novel formulation for quality control laboratory scheduling considering both equipment and analysts as constraints.


Clinical decision support tool for Co-management signalling

AB Horta, CM Salgado, M Fernandes, SM Vieira, JM Sousa, AL Papoila, M Xavier
on International Journal of Medical Informatics

Keywords: | Fuzzy systems | Logistic regression | Multistage modelling | Co management | Internal medicine | Decision support systems |

May 1, 2018

This paper proposes a prediction model based on preoperative characteristics, in order to support the decision of co-management of surgical patients in the postoperative ward setting. The model is a simple bedside decision tool that uses only four numerical variables.


Solutions for detection of non-technical losses in the electricity grid: A review

JL Viegas, PR Esteves, R Melício, VMF Mendes, SM Vieira
on Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Keywords: | Energy | Non technical losses | Fraud detection | Review |

December 1, 2017

This paper is a review of literature with an analysis on a selection of scientific studies for detection of non-technical losses. Non-technical losses occurring in the electric grid at level of transmission or of distribution have negative impact on economies, affecting utilities, paying consumers and states.


Segmentation of Residential Gas Consumers Using Clustering Analysis

MP Fernandes, JL Viegas, SM Vieira and JMC Sousa
on Energies

Keywords: | Residential natural gas consumption | Clustering | Load profile | Consumer segmentation | Smart metering |

September 26, 2017

This paper proposes a clustering-based methodology to define the segmentation of residential gas consumers


Daily prediction of ICU readmissions using feature engineering and ensemble fuzzy modeling

R Viegas, CM Salgado, S Curto, JP Carvalho, SM Vieira and SN Finkelstein
on Expert Systems With Applications

Keywords: | Fuzzy systems | Feature engineering | Ensemble modeling | Intensive care unit | Personalized medicine |

August 15, 2017

This paper proposes a feature engineering approach and Takagi-Sugeno-based ensemble fuzzy models for predicting ICU readmissions on a daily basis.


Mixed Fuzzy Clustering for Misaligned Time Series

CM Salgado, MC Ferreira and SM Vieira
on IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

Keywords: | Clustering | Mixed fuzzy clustering | Dynamic time warping | Intensive care unit |

November 29, 2016

This paper proposes the use of mixed fuzzy clustering (MFC) algorithm to simultaneously cluster time variant and time invariant data.


Fuzzy Systems in the Service-Life Prediction of Exterior Natural Stone Claddings

A Silva, SM Vieira, J de Brito and PL Gaspar
on Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities

Keywords: | Fuzzy systems | Service life prediction | Stone claddings | Loss of performance | Deterioration mechanisms |

October 1, 2016

This paper discusses the service life prediction of natural stone claddings using a Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model.


Classification of new electricity customers based on surveys and smart metering data

JL Viegas, SM Vieira, R Melício, VMF Mendes, JMC Sousa
on Energy

Keywords: | Energy | Smart grid | Electricity customer classification | Clustering |

July 15, 2016

This paper proposes a process for the classification of new residential electricity customers. The current state of the art is extended by using a combination of smart metering and survey data and by using model-based feature selection for the classification task.


Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy modeling using mixed fuzzy clustering

CM Salgado, JL Viegas, CS Azevedo, MC Ferreira, SM Vieira and JMC Sousa
on IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

Keywords: | Fuzzy systems | Mixed fuzzy clustering | Clustering | Intensive care unit |

June 14, 2016

This paper proposes the use of mixed fuzzy clustering (MFC) algorithm to derive Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy models.


Mortality prediction of septic shock patients using probabilistic fuzzy systems

AS Fialho, SM Vieira, U Kaymak, RJ Almeida, F Cismondi, SR Reti, SN Finkelstein and JMC Sousa
on Applied Soft Computing

Keywords: | Fuzzy systems | Probablilistc fuzzy systems | Intensive care unit | Mortality prediction | Septic shock |

January 28, 2016

This paper proposes the use of probabilistic fuzzy systems (PFS) to predict mortality of septic shock patients.


Heuristics for three-dimensional steel cutting with usable leftovers considering large time periods

JL Viegas, SM Vieira, EMP Henriques, JMC Sousa
on European Journal of Industrial Engineering

Keywords: | Optimization | Cutting & packing | Heuristics | Three dimensional steel cutting |

January 1, 2016

The supply of steel blocks with customised dimensions for clients within the metalworking industry requires the effective management of a large and highly variable stock of steel blocks. This paper proposes a cutting decision process for daily tailored orders of a real-life steel retailer.


Ensemble fuzzy models in personalized medicine: Application to vasopressors administration

CM Salgado, SM Vieira, LF Mendonça, SN Finkelstein and JMC Sousa
on Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Keywords: | Clustering | Fuzzy systems | Ensemble modeling | Intensive care unit | Personalized medicine | Vasopressors |

November 14, 2015

This paper proposes ensemble fuzzy modeling for personalized medicine in the intensive care unit (ICU), in particular for the prediction of vasopressors administration.


Fuzzy Modeling to Predict Severely Depressed Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction following Admission to the Intensive Care Unit Using Clinical Physiology

RDMA Pereira, CM Salgado, A Dejam, SR Reti, SM Vieira, JMC Sousa, LA Celi, SN Finkelstein
on The Scientific World Journal

Keywords: | Fuzzy systems | Left ventricular ejection fraction | Intensive care unit |

July 6, 2015

This paper proposes fuzzy modeling for predicting severely impaired left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) using patient data routinely collected in the ICU.