Milan Critical Care Datathon and ESICM’s Big Datatalk

Advancing Intensive Care Medicine with Artificial Intelligence
Milan, Italy

February 1, 2019


After successful presentations around the world, the MIT Critical Care Datathon took place for the first time in Italy between February 1st and 3rd. A Critical Care Datathon is a 24-hour challenge where clinicians and data scientists work together with the goal of finding new ways to answer real clinical questions using electronic health records. For this event, these data enthusiasts dug into the MIMIC-III and the eICU databases.

Our PhD students Marta Fernandes and Aldo Arévalo took the initiative to pitch about a clinical case to be solved separatedly. Also Cátia Salgado and André Silva join this venture and mentored some teams along with our students that pitched. As a result, hereby we announce proudly that the teams leaded by Cátia Salgado, Marta Fernandes and Aldo Arévalo were among the 3 top teams. Further, the team leaded by our PhD student Aldo Arévalo alongside with Ashley Kras, MD (Harvard University) won the first place in this contest.

On the other side, the Big Datatalk consists in a series of conference presentations. Our assistant professor Susana Vieira was among the acclaimed researchers who explained the potential of Big Data analysis for Intensive Care Medicine where she presented the talk named The issue of data quality.

This demonstrates the quality of work developed at IS4 and the nourishing and rewarding collaboration between our research lab and the Laboratory of Computational Physiology (LCP) at MIT.

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