NUS-NUH-MIT Datathon

Healthcare AI Datathon and Expo

July 5, 2018


This event is co-organized by the National University of Singapore (NUS), National University Health System (NUHS) and MIT Critical Data. We aim to bring together clinicians, data scientists and innovators in healthcare to address current problems in healthcare with data analytics technologies. The increasing wealth of patient data available through electronic health records has created a surge in research funding and industry interest in health data analytics. Challenges in extracting knowledge from health record databases, however, are significant.The event will strengthen cross-disciplinary collaboration around secondary analysis of electronic health record data, helping to pave the way for reliable knowledge to be translated into action, for the benefit of patients. It will be an event for students, engineers and scientists from Singapore and the region.

For health data analysis, the goal of the hackathon is to assemble clinical experts, data scientists, statisticians, and those with domain-specific knowledge to create ideas and produce clinically relevant research that reduces or eliminates biases, relies on sound statistical rigor and adequate data samples, and aims to produce replicable results. For that purpose, we have coined the term “datathon” as a portmanteau of data + hackathon, accentuating the application of the hackathon model to data analytics. For example, a critical-care datathon is an event in which participants are brought together to form interdisciplinary teams and answer research questions in the field of critical (that is, intensive) care.