AAL4Life - Ambient Assisted Living Integrated Solution

TecInnov – 1st edition Thales
Lisbon, Portugal

June 24, 2017


In May of 2017 a team composed by students from MIT Portugal Program - Leaders for Technical Industries - including PhD student Marta Fernandes, presented an innovative integrated solution entitled AAL4Life - Ambient Assisted Living Integrated Solution - in TecInnov – 1st edition Thales. The team was awarded financially to develop the proposed solution. \ \ AAL4Life is an innovative technology-based integrated solution with an associated telehealth service to improve the quality of life of the older population. The solution is customized, adapting to the user’s profile and to their needs, through artificial intelligence algorithms. The integration of the different physical devices into an integrated platform will allow dynamic cognitive and motor stimulation as well as the monitoring of vital signs of the user, linked to a telehealth system. By increasing autonomy, self-confidence and mobility and promoting healthy lifestyles, the team believes that the integrated solution has the potential of reducing the risk of disability, enhancing safety, preventing social isolation and establishing support networks, allowing the elderly population to age well.